RPA: The Skills to be embraced

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation Training is the new booming industry and it refers to the software bot that can be easily programmed to perform basic task across applications just like humans. This software bot can be taught simple repetitive task of the employees with multiple steps and applications and messages to be conveyed. It essentially is a tool to reduce the burden on the employees to execute mundane simple tasks. In this case, there is no requirement of having a physical robot to specialize in one task but rather a software one to perform and operate various applications around. RPA is actually one of the most emerging fields relating to advanced computer software to automate methodologies without a continuous human intervention or surveillance.

Robotic process automation training

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Where do I get a certified training for RPA?

Asha24 offers RPA training to the employees to operate among different platforms of tools of RPA and improve their skill set. Many of the top multi-national companies prefer a certified RPA employee over a non-certified one. It actually aids in the smooth running of process and elimination of human error along with cost cutting on human labor.

The RPA training course is actually offered in 3 different schemes from Asha24, being:

  • Free Version:
    • It’s available free for everyone.
    • Offers premium quality video access and free study materials.
    • Self-assessment sheets and course designed by experts.
  • Self-Paced Learning:
    • Premium quality materials provided with self-learning content.
    • A course designed by Industry specialists consisting of real time case studies.
    • It costs around Rs.5,999/-.
  • Instructor Led Live Training:
    • Premium quality materials are offered with self-learning content.
    • The course is designed by industry specialists and has real-time case studies.
    • Provides lifetime access to led live coaching sessions.
    • It costs around Rs.11, 999/-.

This course enables an employee to effectively fit into the work environment and understand the nature of RPA as a whole. Looking forward, more automation and bot processes are likely to take over human labor.