Hormones play a supreme role in developing and maintaining the reproductive systems in the humans. Testosterone in males and estrogen and progesterone in females are the hormones involved in reproductive health and imparting gender-specific traits to the individuals. However, a major chunk of individuals, especially women suffer from hormonal imbalance much before the old age, either due to some genetic disorder or some gynecological problem causing early menopause. In such cases, hormone therapy is an effective solution and hence this article aims towards detailing about some facts on hormone therapy for menopausal treatment and doctors involved in hormone therapy in Denver.

hormone therapy in Denver

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Hormone Therapy for early menopause

Hormone therapy for women refers to either estrogen or combination of estrogen and progesterone treatment. It involves prescription of pills, gels, patches, spray mists and creams to reduce and eliminate the symptoms of menopause like hot flashes, disturbed sleep cycle, vaginal dryness.They must be taken only after consulting an authentic and expert doctor who will plan out the entire course of treatment in a proper manner. Hormone Therapy also includes regular medical check-up and routine screening evaluations to monitor the effects of the therapy for which you need to visit the best hormone doctor in Denver.

In women hormonal imbalance leads to either early menopause or permanent damage to the vital parts of the female reproductive system. The medicines available for hormone therapy may look like the easy solution, but they pose a great threat to the health when the treatment phase exceeds 5 years and hence they must be taken only after consulting with a qualified and expert doctor. This article successfully guides our female readers towards the effective use of hormonal therapy to deal with the early menopausal problems and provides some links to find the best doctors involved in menopause treatment in Denver.