Ear stretching the new trend

Ear stretching is like a body modification that looks great and is quite versatile but it should be taken seriously. This is a process which takes time and should be done slowly and quite patiently. There are different types of stretching but irrespective of the type one thing which is important is that the ear needs to be pierced. Usually stretching should be done after two months of piercing, so that the piercing is properly healed


source: bluebanana.com

Method of stretching

Everybody has different methods of ear stretching; taper method is the most famous and popular. In the taper methods, the stretch has to be done quietly slowly and gently. Tapers come in different shapes so you can choose a taper according to the shape you prefer. If you are new to stretching and are going to stretch your own healed piercing then make sure to wash the hands with hot water before starting. In the start make sure to start stretching with a taper which is 1.6 or 2mm. After that push, it inside but make sure that is not painful, so go slowly while stretching. Leave the taper in the ear till it gets settled. Repeat the whole process till the taper is not fully in.

Side effects of ear stretching

  • Infection- It is important to bath with salt water otherwise the earlobe becomes infected. So always remove the jewelry and clean the love and then bathe with salt water.
  • Materials- Be careful about the jewelry you wear, the material of the jewelry; the safest material is surgical steel. So make sure you use a safe material.
  • Bleeding- Do not stretch quickly otherwise it can lead to bleeding and cause infection. Wait for the stretch to get healed and then insert a new item, else it can lead to bleeding.