Connect to the Web Console

After you put in Lansweeper 6.0 or a more recent Lansweeper Release and get into the web games for the first time, you are presented with a First Run Wizard, that permits you to set up scanning and configure any basic options. Any following times you access the web console, you’re given a blue login screen. Automatically, everyone else on your network may access all of Lansweeper’s menus and features by simply surfing to the console URL and hitting Built-in Admin button. It is possible, however, restrict access into the console and configure what users may view or do once they’ve been allowed access. You delegate a custom or built-in user role, a group of permissions, to user groups or user account. A user’s position determines what the consumer can view or perform within the console.

When you update from an old Lansweeper release to Lansweeper 6.0, your old site access configuration is automatically converted into the 6.0 system. Users will have the specific permissions as from the previous Lansweeper release.

If Needed, hit the Insert Local User Add AD User button In the Users area of this page to add a Windows user account to the webpage, which means you’re able to give the consumer a function. By default, the page lists all of the users who have logged into the web games. However, you could manually add additional users as well. Remember that the AD popup contains Active Directory users that have been scanned by Lansweeper. To browse AD users, follow the instructions in this article.

Assign a Built-in or the Customized user function you created Before one or more user accounts from the Users area of the page. Otherwise, assign the purpose to one or more Active Directory user groups in The User Functions part of the web page. The group popup will automatically try to Compile a listing of groups in your domain name to choose from. However, you can even By hand submit an organization with the format NetBIOS domain \category name. It is Recommended that you give a minimum of a single user or group full access to Lansweeper By delegating the Administrator + Agent job or even a custom role which includes all permissions.