Chevrolet Silverado vs Toyota Tundra Truck Comparison Report

Suspension and Handling

Back stabilizer bars that keep the Tundra vs. Silverado comparison TRD Sport level and controlled throughout cornering. The Silverado’s suspension does not offer you a rear socket.

To get a smoother ride and much more secure The Tundra Long Bed Dual Cab’s wheelbase is 7.6 inches more compared to Silverado Standard Bed Crew Cab (164.6 ft averaging 157 inches).

CrewMax 4×4 manages at .72 G, as the Silverado Short Bed LT Course Boss Crew-cab brings just .69 G of the compacted drive at a Motor Trend skidpad test.

Dual Cab 4×4 implements Motor Trend’s”Figure Eight” Move 1.3 minutes faster than the Silverado Short Bed LT Route Boss crew-cab (28.7 minutes @ .57 moderate G vs. 30 minutes @ .55 reasonable G’s).


As analyzed by Driver and Vehicle while Under full throttle, the inner of this Tundra Short Bed Platinum CrewMax 4×4 is more silent compared to Silverado Short Bed high-country crew cab 4×4 (74 vs. 76 D B ).

Passenger Space

The Tundra Doublecab has 1.4 Inches front hip place, 2.4 inches greater rear hip room and.7 inches back shoulder room compared to Silverado Dual Cab.

The Tundra CrewMax includes 1.4 inches Front hip place,.2 inches greater rear hip room and.3 inches back shoulder room compared to Silverado Crew Cab.

For Increased passenger comfort on Long excursions, the Tundra CrewMax’s back seats recline. The Silverado’s optional back seats do not recline.

Cargo Capacity

The Toyota Tundra includes a regular It enables children and adults to readily open and close to the tailgate with a single hand to higher ease unloading and loading.

Both of the Tundra and also Silverado have Bed indentations that adapt 2×4’s to get two-tiered loading. Nevertheless, the Tundra additionally offers indentations to divide the freight box into three distinct segments lengthwise.


To Higher protect the motorist, and Even the Silverado does not provide secondary sunvisors.

The Tundra has regular power remote mirrors. The Silverado includes remote mirrors in extra price. With them, the motorist is going to need to roll the windows down and also hit upon the car to regulate the cushions.

The Tundra’s standard exterior Mirrors comprises heating elements to clean the mirrors off to get higher visibility.

To Maintain a secure, consistent Following space, the Tundra comes with a standard Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, that changes the rate of the automobile without driver intervention. This permits the motorist to utilize railroad control over safely without needing to disengage it if coming traffic that is slower. The Silverado does not provide adaptive cruise control.

Fiscal Benefits

The Tundra will price the purchaser less From the very long haul as a result of its resale price. The IntelliChoice Quotes that the Tundra will maintain 53.8percent to 78.42percent of its unique price After five decades, while the Silverado only keeps 54.98percent to 62.61 percent.