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marijuana comics use and it is supplying raise several complicated Health, legal, and social problems in the United States. Marijuana is prohibited in just 23 states, and pro-marijuana laws are likely to be introduced in such countries in the future. Greater access to and legalization of medical marijuana might have an impact on recreational marijuana use and understanding through enhanced accessibility and diminished restrictiveness across the medication.

The authors investigated to characterize the policy features of medical marijuana laws, including an emphasis on the types of health care conditions that are included in medical marijuana legislation. A high level of variability in terms of allowable medical conditions, limits on cultivation and possession, and restrictiveness of policies were uncovered. Additional study is necessary to ascertain if this variability impacts recreational usage in these states.


While not only an illegal drug like lots of other illicit Or Schedule I drugs such as methamphetamine or cocaine, marijuana is the most Commonly used one of them at the United States. Approximately 12 percent of people 12 years of age or older reported using this medication in 2103, and rates are the Additionally, more Americans today perceive that marijuana is Harmless than see it as detrimental (Pew Research Center, 2013), also it is Becoming a popular notion that it shouldn’t be regulated or considered prohibited. The right trajectory of marijuana was a dynamic one, from becoming first Classified as a Schedule I substance from the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 And further criminalized by the Reagan administration’s War On Drugs at the 1980s, to California being the first nation to allow medical marijuana in 1996.

 Regardless of the continuation of the federal prohibition of any use of marijuana Goods (a synthetic version, Marinol, is appropriate for limited medical Conditions), the use of both medicinal and recreational marijuana was Entirely legalized at the states of Colorado, Washington, Alaska, and Oregon along with the District of Columbia. Twenty-three other states have medical use or Decriminalization laws, or (see, and it’s anticipated. The upcoming few years will deliver extra adjustments to the legal marijuana landscape.