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The world through the emergence of a number of leagues has had a fascination towards basketball and with such attention towards the game, the sporting gears too have been modified to level up the standards of the game. Since the game requires a good mind-to-body coordination and running on a hard court, taking care of the foot is essential to a basketball player’s life. Therefore, the choice of shoes that would suit their style of play and at the same time possess qualities that would not resist their movement is essential and is given utter consideration by both the players and coach like.

Best Basketball shoes with Ankle support


Attributes to look for in a shoe

The pair of shoes that a player wears during a match is chosen after careful consideration of the following attributes and how it is incorporated in the shoe structure.

  • Support – The most important attribute is the provision of support in the use. Using the right material to ensure there is no discomfort while the game is on and the shoe perfectly fits around the ankle is the primary thing to be considered during the selection process.
  • Comfort – The Best Basketball shoes with Ankle support will, therefore, always provide the user with a layer of comfort by providing extra cushioning, sufficient air to enter and a fit that can accommodate their style of play without causing much damage to itself.
  • Stability – Often it is seen that the player is subjected to slipping because of the reduced friction between the shoe and the ground. Therefore, providing suitable stability is an essential feature.
  • Endurance – Since a match can last up to hours and a lot of physical movements such as jumping is required, the shoe should be strong enough to endure such pressures.

As seen, a combination of the qualities of a shoe and the gameplay of the player can effectuate better results in the overall performance of the individual. Thus, it is deemed necessary to choose the right shoe by keeping the characteristics in mind.