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Voice-activated recorders are a better fit for spying as you do not have to turn it on I the first place when you go for spying, you can turn it on with the voice command instruction to let it know that e recording has to be started. Here are the reviews of the four best voice activated recorder for spying

best voice activated recorder for spying

                  source: Amazon UK

  1. AMZ AIGO spy audio voice recorder

This spy audio voice recorder also offers the looks and usage of a USB flash drive combined with a voice recorder of with almost 4 GB storage, implying 70 hours of storage. The easiest part is to play – just plug it in and play. It stores the files in wave file format.  You can play the recordings or the “audios”    on windows media player or the VLC media player.

  1. Mini Voice Recorder

This voice recorder comes with unique design and password protection for the recordings. It comes in a mini size to fit anywhere. The recordings can be best heard on the VLC media player. This voice recorder will automatically start recording whenever it detects a voice within the detection or recording range.

  1. Professional Voice Activated Digital Spy Recorder

This voice recorder device comes with a side button to switch it on or off according to your preference. It comes in a small size hence can be fitted anywhere. It is a USB flash drive audio recording device with a free USB wall charger and has 4 GB storage with 15 hours built-in battery

  1. MachsmartQmate Spy voice-activated digital audio voice recorder

This device comes in A USB flash drive form with an inbuilt voice activated voice recording system. It can record 78 hours of clear audio. It has a small size that assists in it being covert. This is also a fully functioning USB device too.

So, here are some of the best voice activated voice recording spy devices out there. Good luck with your buying!